Lioubov Tchernaia

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    I got letter in Oct, 2017 that premiums for the Disability Insurance Plan doesn’t apply for me and deductions should be stopped in July 2016. Nerveless, deductions were taken. I raised ticket 200001045255 in Oct, 2017. Deductions were stopped, but money that I overpaid (more than $400) was not return to me. At the same time in Oct, 2017, I was given surplice o f $449.82 as my Supplementary Death Benefit (ticket 200001189097). It was mistake, but instead of correcting it in the next paycheck, money is taken by small amount for 2017 and 2018. On Feb 16, 2017, I was contacted by person trying to solve my issues, but information sent to me has error and two Excel sheets with calculation have slightly different results. Still my issues are not resolved.

    Personal stories speak louder than numbers.

    The government has seen the numbers. They know that Phoenix has caused hundreds of thousands of pay errors, leaving tens of thousands of Canadian public servants underpaid, overpaid, or not paid at all.

    Now, we need to urge them to speed up to find a replacement by showing the damage Phoenix inflicts on our members.

    Sharing your story demonstrates the urgent need for a new pay system, now, not in five years.


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