Vice-President of @PIPSC_IPFPC, a Canadian Federal Union. As an activist, I do great things with ou team #BetterTogether, dans les 2 langues.

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    short test ?

    Personal stories speak louder than numbers.

    The government has seen the numbers. They know that Phoenix has caused hundreds of thousands of pay errors, leaving tens of thousands of Canadian public servants underpaid, overpaid, or not paid at all.

    Now, we need to urge them to speed up to find a replacement by showing the damage Phoenix inflicts on our members.

    Sharing your story demonstrates the urgent need for a new pay system, now, not in five years.


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    Keep us # 1 - Invest in Canada’s public service

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    Maintaining the best public service in the world requires commitment, professionalism – and investment. After years of budget cuts, Canada needs to reinvest in vital public services now. Whether it’s more scientists to fight climate change, nurses to work in northern and remote communities, or IT experts to protect Canadians’ data, we need more – not fewer – professionals serving Canadians. The government is fast preparing next year’s budget. Join us in supporting the call for renewed investment in Canada’s public service.

    I endorse PIPSC’s call to reinvest in Canada’s public service.

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