Members vote for new collective agreements | Federal election on the horizon | Jean-Phillipe Gauthier-Bilodeau — predicting the future | PIPSC news | Canadian labour movement
Better Together
Members vote for new collective agreements
Collective Agreements
14 groups have ratified their new collective agreements. Thank you to the bargaining teams for all their hard work and to members for their support.

Some groups, including the CS Group, continue their important bargaining work.
Federal election on the horizon
Election candidate shaking hands with voter
We want our priorities to be at the top of candidates’ minds! As a public servant, there are a lot of ways you can get involved in federal elections. Check out our fact sheet to understand your rights.
Jean-Phillipe Gauthier-Bilodeau – predicting the future
Jean-Phillipe Gauthier-Bilodeau
Each day PIPSC members go to work to protect and serve Canadians in a hundred different ways: they save lives, protect the environment and grow the economy.

Creating the tools to study, simulate, analyze and understand how different environmental phenomena interact with the physical environments in which we live is the mission for Jean-Phillipe Gauthier-Bilodeau, Scientific Programmer Analyst for Environment and Climate Change Canada.
PIPSC news
Menstruation products
Menstruation products should be included in workplace supplies
We support having a variety of menstrual products available in federal government workplaces. This would benefit about 480,000 public service workers.

Person filling out a survey
2019 Public Service Employment Survey – be heard
This annual survey is open until August 30, 2019. We strongly encourage you to participate to ensure the views of our members are well represented in this analysis.

Canadian labour movement
Young children playing at a child care centre
Child care for all
National child care is a tried and tested policy that is long overdue in Canada. We’re joining unions across Canada to call for a national child care plan.


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