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Do Better

We give our best. We deserve your best.

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We are celebrating big wins at the central bargaining table!

Members like you from across the country took action to show solidarity with your central bargaining team.

We all made this happen.

Your group will be organizing ratification events in your workplace to share all of the details of your tentative agreement. Information on your group’s ratification process is available on your group page. Some groups have tentative agreements now and others continue their important work at the bargaining table.


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Join PIPSC members across the country and organize a Do Better ratification event in your own workplace.

Campaign Materials

Promote the Do Better ratification campaign with downloadable fact sheets or order printed materials.

Request Funding

Receive funding for your workplace activities to promote the Do Better ratification campaign.


  • parental leave top-up expanded by 5 weeks when both parents work for the federal public service
  • a historic win of 10 paid days of leave for survivors and victims of domestic violence
  • members returning to work from parental leave will no longer be obligated to repay top-up if they move between departments or agencies for a new role

Wins for a Safer Workplace

  • language that enshrines your right to a workplace free of harassment and violence, the first in the Canadian public service


  • a base wage increase of 7% for all groups over the next 4 years — in addition to the wage increase negotiated at your group’s table
  • $400 compensation for the extended implementation of this new contract for each member with a ratified contract
  • PIPSC collaboration with Treasury Board to replace Phoenix