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Do Better

We give our best. We deserve your best.

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You give your best each and every day. And no matter what happens – Phoenix, workplace harassment or increased family demands – you challenge yourself to do better the next day.

Isn’t it time for your employer to do better?

Join our campaign! PIPSC negotiators are at the negotiation table now working for better family leave, anti-harassment policies and fair pay.

Be a part of it.


Count me in


Join PIPSC members across the country and organize a Do Better event in your own workplace.

Campaign Materials

Order buttons, stickers and other materials to promote the Do Better campaign in your workplace.

Request Funding

Receive funding for your workplace activities to promote the Do Better campaign.
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Conditions To Thrive

Canadians expect the Federal Government to be a model employer and ensure employees are able to give their best in the workplace and to their families.

Safe Workplace

Ensuring a healthy and respectful workplace benefits everyone.

Rebuild Trust

Phoenix has hit hard. Your employer has work to do to ensure this is never repeated.