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Protect Pensions - Stop Bill C-27
Protect Defined Benefit Pensions
Bill C-27 would potentially pave the way for federally-regulated employers to erode pension security. The government must focus its energies on creating an environment in which defined benefit pension plans can thrive. Tell your MP it's time to stop Bill C-27.
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Nix Phoenix: Updates
Nix Phoenix
2nd Anniversary of Phoenix
Visit our website for the latest news on what PIPSC is doing, how we can help, and how you can get involved in the Nix Phoenix campaign.

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President Debi Daviau is lobbying the government to Nix Phoenix after over 900 members filed pay-related grievances. You can help by sending an email to the Working Group on Phoenix and sharing the link with your friends.

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Pharmacare: A Plan for Everyone
Pharmacare: A Plan for Everyone
PIPSC members joined the CLC this month to lobby Parlimentarians for a national pharmacare program. Anyone with a health card should have coverage for the medicines they need. Watch the video and add your voice to the call for a universal prescription drug plan.

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