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Better Together
Celebrating Black History Month
Norma Domey
Congratulations to Norma Domey, the newly elected PIPSC Vice-President and the first black woman to be elected to the PIPSC Executive.

Jennie Esnard
Congratulations also to Jennie Esnard, the newly elected NCR Regional Director and the first black woman elected as Regional Director.

We celebrate these PIPSC leaders for their hard work as individuals and the important advancement their recent election signals for our union. The work of our union is done more effectively when all members are represented at leadership tables. Let us all hold open this door so that many underrepresented members find their place in leadership roles.
Central Bargaining
Do Better
Central bargaining is underway – your PIPSC team is negotiating to improve family leave, anti-harassment measures and pay protection. Watch your inbox for more information about our first week of action, February 25th to March 1st.
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Dr. Cathryn Abbott, Keeping Up with a Changing Climate
Dr. Cathryn Abbott
Each day PIPSC members go to work to protect and serve Canadians in a hundred different ways: they save lives, protect the environment and grow the economy.

Dr. Cathryn Abbott is a Research Scientist with Fisheries and Oceans Canada who is actively creating sustainable solutions in the face of climate change. “The environmental needs are real, and becoming more urgent with climate change,” Cathryn says. And while more resources and funding would be an improvement, Cathryn is adamant that this research needs to stay in the public sector.


Tax Netflix and other e-commerce companies, say Canadians and CRA professionals
Policy Reforms
The federal government needn’t worry about a consumer backlash to a sales tax on Canadians’ Netflix accounts, according to the third and final PIPSC report on tax fairness.

When asked if “E-commerce companies such as Netflix, Google, Amazon and Uber, should be subject to Canadian taxes for business carried out in Canada,” almost 8 out of 10 Canadians agreed. PIPSC professionals at the CRA went further, with almost 9 out of 10 agreeing.
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Birthday cake with 99 candles and PIPSC logo
PIPSC is 99!
We’ve come a long way since 1920. Our achievements have been numerous. From pay equity victories to major family leave improvements to pay plans for incumbent-based work of scientists to health coverage improvements – there is so much to celebrate. Let us take pride in our accomplishments and be encouraged to face the challenges of the future.

Parliament Hill in winter
PIPSC on Parliament Hill
On February 5th, PIPSC members met with Canada’s parliamentarians on the Hill to discuss issues of critical importance to the delivery of public services – restoring Canada’s public science capacity, reducing over-reliance on the outsourcing of government services, ensuring the integrity of the country’s tax system, and replacing the troubled Phoenix pay system.


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