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2018 New Year's Message
President's Message
Predictions are rarely 100% accurate. But some offer better-educated guesses than others. President Debi Daviau forecasts what 2018 will bring for PIPSC and lists a few resolutions.
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Nix Phoenix. We Deserve Better.
Nix Phoenix
PIPSC Members have sent over 7,000 emails to the Working Group on Phoenix
The Working Group on Phoenix knows where we stand. It's time to build a new pay system, in-house, that works. Let's keep the pressure up!

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Nix Phoenix
ICYMI: Enough is Enough
Check out Debi Davaiu's press conference calling to nix the troubled Phoenix pay system. Our members can build a better system.

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Federal Lobby Day 2017
Lobby Day 2017
On October 24, 2017 PIPSC members met with federal MPs to talk about some of the key issues we face: ending over reliance on outsourcing, restoring public science research, and ensuring tax fairness.

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