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Better Together
Our 100th anniversary
PIPSC 100th anniversary 1920-2020
Throughout 2020 we are celebrating 100 years of PIPSC. A century of solidarity, hard work and commitment to all people in Canada. We’d like to tell you that story!
Elizabeth Bonner – Mapping Canada’s waters from every coast
Elizabeth Bonner
“When I describe the work that I do, I tell the public that I find rocks and put them on maps,” Elizabeth says with a wry smile. “The hydrographic service finds the rocks and the hazards so that mariners don’t.”
Federal minister mandate letters
House of Commons
Check out our analysis of what the ministerial mandate letters mean for you, our union and the Canadian public service.
PIPSC news
Parent and baby feet walking together
New parental leave gains
Our new collective agreements with the Treasury Board include parental leave gains and additional shared weeks available under EI and QPIP. Watch this training to understand the key changes and how to access them.

Repeal Bill 124 press conference
Challenging Bill 124 in Ontario
The Ontario provincial government is trying to impose caps on salaries, pensions and benefits. We have joined 11 Ontario unions representing more than 250,000 provincial public sector employees to fight back in court.

Canadian labour movement
Two women, one wearing a hijab, huddle over an office computer
Racialized workers deserve fair pay
The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) confirms what we know to be true: racialized Canadians earn less than their non-racialized colleagues. This data will be critical in the labour movement’s fight for equity and justice.


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