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Better Together
Agreement Reached on Phoenix Damages
Nix Phoenix
The multi-union sub-committee on Phoenix damages, of which we are a member, has come to a negotiated settlement. This deal provides you with compensation for what you have endured under the trouble-plagued Phoenix pay system. This agreement includes a base compensation for everyone paid by Phoenix. These damages are on top of any compensation you are individually owed due to errors in your pay.
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International Day of Families: Fighting for Family Leave!
International Day of Families
We celebrate all the diverse families that make our society so rich. We are fighting for improved family leave at the central bargaining table so you can give your best at work and in your family.
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Valerie Emery – Being There to Care
Valerie Emery
Each day PIPSC members go to work to protect and serve Canadians in a hundred different ways: they save lives, protect the environment and grow the economy.

Valerie never knows what her day will be like when she walks through the door to work. As a registered nurse in the ER at Whitehorse General Hospital, every day is different. Valerie sees it as a tremendous privilege to be able to take care of people.
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Ontario Public Sector Consultations
Fighting for you at Ontario Public Sector Consultations
The Ontario government held consultations with public sector employers and bargaining agents looking for ways to reduce the amount spent on paying public servants. We were there to stand up for our members.

Canadian Labour Movement
International Workers' Day
International Workers’ Day
On May 1st, we joined workers across Canada and the globe to celebrate the significant gains in labour rights that have been made throughout history. We honour the years of workers’ organizing, great risk and loss of life that won us all the rights we cherish today.

Assembly of First Nations
Solidarity with the Assembly of First Nations
The Assembly of First Nations is asking for our support to see three important Bills passed. These Bills represent a historic opportunity that could be lost if they are not passed before Parliament rises in June 2019.


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