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Workplace Reconfiguration
Workplace Configuration
The Government of Canada has begun to move to open workplace design in some offices across the country. As part of our strategy to respond to this change, we have surveyed randomly selected members to learn more about their experiences. We’ve found that the members we surveyed, who have moved to the new workplace reconfiguration, can't give their best service to Canadians.

  • 62% say their productivity and efficiency is worse;
  • 79% say they have a harder time focusing and concentrating; and
  • 62% say access to sufficient workspace for their professional work has been made worse.

When the government first announced their plans for new workplace configurations, the promises sounded good. It was supposed to become healthier and better for work. But the implementation seems to have become about cutting costs and jamming people into smaller and smaller spaces.

If your office has already undergone workplace reconfiguration, how has it impacted your ability to provide professional service to Canadians?
Want to Learn More about the Employee Wellness Support Program?
In 2016, PIPSC and the Treasury Board reached a deal to support and negotiate an employee wellness program. The goal was to improve wellness and ensure the safe and successful reintegration of employees into the workplace after prolonged absences due to illnesses or injury. A new video is available for you to learn more about the changes PIPSC is negotiating.

Vote Now in the PIPSC Elections!
Ballots were issued to members between October 12th and 15th. Please allow until October 17, 2018 to receive your ballot before contacting PIPSC for a replacement.

You have until 12:00 PM ET on November 2, 2018 to cast your ballot. The election results will be announced at the 2018 AGM and by email to all members.

Our union continues the fight to nix Phoenix and to insist on viable solutions proposed by our membership while work to prepare for 2018 collective bargaining is kicking into high gear. The election of the PIPSC Board of Directors is your opportunity to choose the leadership who will see us all through these challenges and the next three years.

Should you require any assistance with casting your ballot, or if you have not received your ballot, please call 1-800-267-0446 or send an email to [email protected].


Science Fact Sheet
Restoring Federal Science Capacity
Under the former Harper government, many federal departments had their science funding slashed as a result of sweeping public service cuts. Between 2012 and 2014, a total of $223 million in intramural funding was eliminated. Most Canadians (72%) agree “in the next federal budget, funding for federal government science programs should be restored to what it was in 2011."

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