Webinar: Understanding your pension


12:00 PM - 12:45 PM ET


You work hard now, and your pension is your deferred salary working to protect your future. 

Join our experts from the PIPSC Compensation Team for an informative webinar where you will learn how your pension works, as well as the basics of retirement security.

This webinar is for members of Defined Contribution Pension Plans, which includes these PIPSC groups:

  • Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC)
  • Chalk River Professional Employees (CRPEG)
  • Whiteshell Professional Employees (WPEG)
  • Whiteshell Technical Employees (WTEG)

If you are a CRPEG, WPEG or WTEG member employed prior to 2015, then you should register for a Public Service Pension Plan session instead.

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Candace Jazvac ·