PIPSC CRA members say it’s easier for the rich to avoid paying tax | Take Action on Phoenix | Latest Bargaining News |
PIPSC CRA members say it’s easier for the rich to avoid paying taxes
Report: Undermining Tax Fairness
Our latest report, surveying CRA members, finds that it's clear: offshore tax havens, loopholes and federal cost-cutting undermine tax fairness. In the first of three reports, we reveal why CRA professionals professionals must be afforded the training, tools and resources needed to carry out their jobs. It's time to ensure tax laws are enforced equitably so those who evade them pay their fair share.
Take Action: We Can’t Wait Another Two Years
Now that the government has committed to finding an alternative, the implementation needs to be sped up. 46% of Canadians say six months is a “reasonable time to wait” for a new pay system, yet PIPSC members have been waiting well beyond that timeline. Every day public servants go to work worrying about whether they'll be paid while viable solutions are on the table.

Thousands of members, like you, have emailed their Member of Parliament and the Treasury Board Cabinet Committee telling them we need a replacement for Phoenix now.

It’s easy to join them.

Latest Agreement
Renewal of Historic Agreement with First Nations Health Authority
PIPSC and the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) celebrated the renewal of their collective agreement on July 23rd, 2018. Both parties cooperated and incorporated First Nations-based principles and practices in negotiations. “We felt there was a genuine effort to work together and both sides were guided by the objectives they serve: good jobs in healthy communities," said PIPSC President Debi Daviau.

Bargaining News
New Bargaining Protocol
We’ve taken new steps with the Treasury Board to ensure that negotiations are conducted as effectively as possible, by agreeing on a kick-off session, determining common proposals and streamlining logistics. According to President Debi Daviau, “this new Protocol will go a long way towards resolving a number of procedural issues that have slowed down the negotiations process over past rounds of bargaining.”

2018 Survey
Public Service Employee Survey
The Treasury Board Public Service Employee Survey is live. PIPSC strongly supports full participation of our members in taking the survey. This data is critical in effecting change on issues such as harassment in the workplace, psychological wellness and tracking the impact of Phoenix.

The deadline to participate is September 28.

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