Union Event Ideas

Here are some event ideas that you can adapt to engage more members in your union work.

Information Tables

Information tables are a great way to connect with members, raise awareness of campaigns and promote union activities. Book a space in the lobby of your office building by contacting building management or ask to set one up in the lunch room. The busier the area, the better! Campaign materials can be ordered by filing in our Materials Request Form.

Community Events

Unions do much more than protect your rights in the workplace. Consider organizing a community activity in support of a worthy cause and ask your fellow union members to join. Activities can promote the latest PIPSC initiative, such as our Nix Phoenix campaign. You could host a community BBQ and encourage members to invite their families. It’s a great way to engage members and promote the value of unions and public services to the community.

Lunch-and-Learn Presentations

Connect with members by hosting a presentation on issues and concerns being raised by PIPSC. Lead it yourself using a presentation template provided by PIPSC or welcome a stewards or Institute experts to speak. Book a space in your office and order lunch for everyone.


Grab a friend or two and hand out some PIPSC information leaflets where you're sure to get a lot of foot traffic. This is a good way to meet members and provide them with up-to-date information.

Labour Day Parade

PIPSC members participate in Labour Day events across the country each September. Join an existing Labour Day parade or lead one in your own community. Contact the Mobilization team [email protected] for information on how you can get involved.

Coffee Breaks with Union Members

Turn coffee breaks into solidarity breaks. Organize routine coffee or snack breaks to engage members you may not have met before. Grab some coffee, pick and issue of concerns, and make the breaks Better Together.

Celebrate Diversity

PIPSC is comprised of people from many different backgrounds and cultures. Celebrate diversity and inclusiveness by promoting an important human rights issue or day. Visit the PIPSC website for a list of dates celebrated by the Institute.

Mentorship Events

It’s important for experienced leaders to share the skills they’ve gained over the years with new and younger workers. Promote the exchange of knowledge by organizing a creative event to educate and engage new activists.

Young Professionals Event (reserved for members 40 and under)

Millennials currently make up 25% of PIPSC’s membership and their numbers increase each year. Now is the time to support these emerging leaders. Contact your Regional Director to find out who are the Young Worker Representative(s) in your region and consider hosting a PIPSC young professional’s event.

Mental Health Awareness

Promoting workplace wellness is a priority. PIPSC’s Mental Health Resource Guide can be distributed in your workplace or posted to your union bulletin board. Download the guide here: http://www.pipsc.ca/labour-relations/stewards/pocket-guides/mental-health-resource-guide

Sports Tournaments

Find a gym or an outdoor space and organize a friendly, accessible tournament. You can make this a lunchtime event or family-friendly weekend activity for everyone to enjoy. Many schools and universities offer space to rent on evenings and weekends.

LGBTQ+ Events

PIPSC members participate in Pride events across Canada every year. This is great opportunities to discuss equality and inclusion in the workplace. Talk to your colleagues about walking together in the next Pride parade under a PIPSC banner or consider fundraising for a local community group.


Rallies are an opportunity to demonstrate union and public support for or against an issue. A good rally will always have a strong purpose, goal and strategy. Talk with your group and/or subgroup president(s) when to organize a rally or if you’re thinking of showing your support at a local rally.